Whether corporate or small home office, design plays many roles in a modern office space. Both function and feel contribute to a successful look in today’s workspaces, providing an easy to navigate area that suits the mindset of a particular business. C. Wilde Designs Inc. has worked with several companies, both large and small, to define themselves in the customers’ eyes and to become an inviting space to their clients. Check out our portfolio to see some of our impressive final products!

Wilde & Company 2
Wilde & Company 3
Wilde & Company 5
Wilde & Company 4
Wilde & Company 1
Beautiful Boardroom
Welcoming Entrance
Stunning Meeting Room
Front Entrance Statement Wall
Stylish Waiting Room
Small Space Impact
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Carmen Wilde, lead designer at C. Wilde Designs Inc., has honed her skills over the past 30 years working on various residential and commercial projects. With a passion for design and consistent professional growth to stay on top of trends, she has become a true expert in her field. Carmen’s focus on green design elements and creating healthy living and working environments, has inspired countless of remarkable spaces for the mind and body.

Carmen is an accomplished painter and her deep connection to nature is shown through her vivid paintings. Her original art is available for sale or rent. View here.

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